Saturday, March 24

The Man in Advertising

Advertising, in all its many forms make up a substantial part of each and every on of this planets inhabitants daily media intake, whether it be on the ever-increasing television ad-breaks, or on the side of every bus, bench or building we walk past on a daily basis.

So what's the link with Virism?
Well, is it any wonder that we find ourselves increasingly marginalised and mocked when the vast majority or Men presented to the public at large are less Manly than a tub of Olay Night Crème?
For example, regard the idiocy of the so-called Men in the latest 'Coke Zero' adverts, supposedly putting the world to rights:

Girlfriends without 5 year plans?
Your woMan should be set in her place from day 1, if she thinks she is at liberty to plan YOUR future, you haven't taught her anything, either sort it out, or get out.
Workmates without the work?
Real Men will ultimately be working in jobs they WANT to work in, no Man should be doing anything against his own will, this is a core element of Virism!
Bras without the fumbling?
Do these guys really struggle to operate a simple clasp? And they let them out in public? Its a wonder they can operate the door handles that let them in and out of their cells! Morons.
Holidays without coming home?
From where, Benidorm? Ibiza? Holidays are used as an excuse to get away from it all, I lead my life MY way, why would I want to go and stay in someone else's property and live to their rules?
Actually, let them stay on holiday, we get rid of the plebs that way.
Mobiles without ringtones?
If you need a phone, use a payphone, better yet, don't talk to anyone, chances are they're not as Manly as you and thus aren't worth your time.

And this is but one of the thousands of paltry excuses for Men that we are bombarded with every-day, useless, over-preened nancy boys parading around wearing unbuttoned shirts and stinking of unisex cologne.

So what can we do?
Well I suggest it is time for us to take back the advertising industry, although it may be a slow process we have to start a process of infiltration, training up our young Virist allies to work from within on presenting the world with a real example of Man.
And simultaneously we must play our part, by lobbying the industry big-wigs and by making our voice heard, an important part of the jigsaw. Get involved.