Saturday, March 24

Some good news!

Although Vegetarianism itself appears harmless and in no way connected with our cause, its a useful indicator of general trends.
The dictionary definition states:
a person who does not eat or does not believe in eating meat, fish, fowl, or, in some cases, any food derived from animals, as eggs or cheese, but subsists on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grain, etc.
Regard the curious use of the word 'believe', this is where the trouble lies with Vegetarianism, although not eating meat is a rather ridiculous stance it is the holding of a belief that the consumption of meat is 'un-ethical' that truly stands against the Virist ethos.
As Man we are set above as the dominant species, more intelligent than all other creatures, and as such they are set out as provision for our sustenance.

So, pray tell, what does any statistics about Vegetarians show us about Virism?
Well, statistics show, that whilst the percentage of vegetarians in the UK from 1990 to present is reasonably steady, there has been a colossal shift within that band, between the sexes, where once the 7% was composed 45% Men to 55% of woMen it now sits at 20% Men to 80% of woMen, a great swing towards sanity in the Male population!

I believe this move signifies a great return to the Masculine amongst the populous, surely a wonderful indicator of what is to come, we can only hope to help things move along with the spread of our cause.

Another discovery today, one that is altogether more frustrating, was that of a study, inhabiting the Wikipedia entry for 'Masculinity', carried out in 1987, which concluded, falsely, that 'Masculine Stress' as they termed it, was a real issue, associated with the pressures that prevail upon Men to behave in a Masculine manner, here's 4 points they conjured up which supposedly result in the 'Masculine Stress':

  1. The emphasis on prevailing in situations requiring fitness and strength
  2. Being perceived as emotional and thereby feminine
  3. The need to feel conquering in regard to sexual matters and work
  4. The need to repress tender emotions such as showing emotions restricted according to traditional masculine customs
Now to me, this study has no place on a page devoted to the study of such a subject as Masculinity, to imply that Men may be afflicted by such a weakness as stress is beyond ridiculous, the reasons we strive to achieve Masculinity are entirely beyond any sense of societal expectation, and revolve more around the inner strength with which we are blessed and thus wish to communicate outwardly.
Its also, as mentioned elsewhere, to do with our natural dominance, as the leaders we must step ahead of the pack and lead, no great leaders were subject to 'stress' as were none of them, nancy boys or jessies.

I urge you to ignore the sometimes poluting influence of woMankind upon our resources of knowledge, we must use our strongest communication tools, ourselves, to keep alive the true messages of Virism.

As ever, spread the word.


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